Learn About the Show: "Panderina"

Meet Panderina Soumas

Panderina Soumas, aka Chef Pan, is a New Orleans native and Creole cuisine expert. She's the head chef at Proud Mary 360° Grill and author of Soumas Heritage Creole Cookbook. Through her book, presentations, cooking style and show, "Panderina", Chef Pan takes you on a journey that pairs rich Louisiana flavors with the richness of history.

"Panderina" will showcase different food stops across Louisiana, featuring ingredients like fish, pork and other Southern staples. Whether on the road or at work in Proud Mary 360° Grill, Michelle and Chef Pan will teach you about recipes and how they came about.

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3 things to know about Panderina Soumas

3 things to know about Panderina Soumas

Meet Panderina Soumas-professional chef and author. Here are some fun facts about her:

  1. Her great-grandmother Bessie's cooking was inspired by Creole and Caribbean flavors.
  2. Her grandfather, Charles James Soumas, was the Chief Chef on a merchant marine ship.
  3. Her great-grandmother, Alberta Schaffer McCaleb, was the head cook for the Mcilhenny Family Plantation. The Mcilhennys are also known as The Tabasco Family.

Join Panderina Soumas on her quest to find even more enticing recipes and colorful food history in Louisiana.