It's All in the History-Savor the Creole Creations of Chef Pansou

Join our journey around restaurants all over Louisiana.

Panderina Soumas, also known as Chef Pansou or Chef Pan, is the executive chef of Proud Mary 360° Grill. Chef Pan and her co-star Michelle are hitting the road to host a reality TV show called "Panderina". Michelle White-Lafitte is the marketing director and stake holder of Proud Mary 360° Grill

Michelle and Chef Pan will travel all over the state of Louisiana to explore the many flavors and traditions that embody Louisiana's cuisine, from Cajun to Creole. Chef Pan and Michelle will visit restaurants, Family cook outs, and interesting people to educate their viewers about food and explore ways to prepare a variety of delicious meals.

Join Michelle and Chef Pan to check out the rich history and unique flavors of Louisiana. As Chef Pan loves to say, "It's all in the history!"

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3 good reasons to tune in to "Panderina"

Get the inside scoop on Southern cuisine that has roots in Louisiana by watching "Panderina". You should watch our show to:

  1. Learn about Chef Pan and her family history with Creole cuisine.
  2. Find some of the freshest and most unusual food in Louisiana.
  3. Discover a new Creole recipe to prepare for friends or family.
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Are you what we're looking for?

"Panderina" is a show dedicated to people who love food and tradition. Flavors and ingredients tell a story about how families come together. We also offer insight about important historical eras.

Your restaurant or recipe may be perfect for "Panderina" if you offer:

  • Louisiana's traditional cuisine with a modern twist.
  • Unique dishes with rich history and tradition.
  • A fresh perspective on Louisiana's fare & cuisine.
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